DOMENICO CAPELLO – Roatto (Asti) Italy

“Insolito” spumante

La Montagnetta’s Brut Rosè.


We are proud of the success of our recent product “Insolito”, a sparkling Brut Rose ‘which completes our production. Obtained from the soft pressing of whole bunches without crushing and the exclusive use of the first-pressing must with the fermentation of the clean must at a low temperature. It is then aged on the fine lees for four months and sparkling wine production starts in February; it is bottled in April.

Colour: Light cherry in colour it has a fruity, intense aroma, a fresh and soft taste with a hint of strawberry and a with a slight hazelnut aftertaste , “Insolito” by name and by nature even its label goes beyond the stylistic standards of the sector using semi-abstract interpretations of lettering artfully designed for the occasion.

logo La Montagnetta, Domenico Capello
La Montagnetta reserves the right to alter the characteristics of the wines described with means and methods intended to improve the product, without prior notice.