DOMENICO CAPELLO – Roatto (Asti) Italy

Philosophy: “The Freisa”


The man behind it all…

Domenico Capello, l'uomo del FreisaA brief history of ‘La Montagnetta; In 1996 I decided to become a winemaker investing in the small property left to me by my grandfather, pledging to carry on an important stage of cultivating our ancient vine (the first documentation of which dates back to the sixteenth century). Deeply connected to the Piedmontese enology, Freisa is the protagonist of our vine in the land North of Asti (as in Chieri) where it flourishes in abundance.

Freisa can be a sweet, lively or sparkling wine, whose versatility is more than capable of satisfying every palate. After two decades, my dream of giving a voice and status to those wines that best express the relationship with its place of provenance and convey to tourists and consumers the values that these wines exhibit has been perfectly achieved…..

Domenico Capello, firma

Domenico Capello

About our vines


The Freisa vine now has two historical names: Asti Freisa from 1972 – throughout the province with the exception of two lowland municipalities) and Chieri Freisa from 1973- which includes twelve municipalities in the Turin hills. It is a single-variety vinification for three other DOC wines (Monferrato, Langhe, Pinerolo) and can be found in small percentages in other Piedmontese territorial DOC’s   and also in Vallée d’Aoste, Breganze Red, San. Colombano.

Another tradition still in use and which has had a moderate response from the market is the Freisa Chiaretto. This is obtained by an early racking of the must followed by a continuation of vinification with a white wine. The result is a product that doesn’t have excessive tannins, and guarantees an intense fruity aroma, especially if fermented at low temperature.

Our dry and superior Fresia’s, the latter aged for a year, are more austere and demanding wines and so far have been met less favorably by consumers who consider Freisa a more noncommittal wine consumed locally or regionally.

New self-financed experiments


Quelli che … il Freisa is the name of the group formed by some Piedmontese producers of Freisa. It originated from an event that took place over the last ten years in Roatto (AT), where they met and got to know and respect each other. These winemakers have grouped together and with the help of Prof. Vincenzo Gerbi (University of Turin), intend to create a partnership with the aim to learn more about the variety Freisa and its territorial characteristics, through experimental winemaking tests which take place at the Institute of Bonafus Chieri . This experimental work is funded by us, without government grants. We make use of teamwork, the willing professor, plus the contribution from time to time of a graduating student from the University.

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La Montagnetta reserves the right to alter the characteristics of the wines described with means and methods intended to improve the product, without prior notice.